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General informations

Set identifier 39

Uncommon Pokemon

Illustrated by Midori Harada

From the EX's Unseen Forces Set

Granbull's informations

National Pokédex No 210

70 HP

Colorless type Card

Stage1 Pokemon

Evolve from Snubbull

Granbull's Ability

Intimidating Fang

Poke-BODY: As long as Granbull is your Active Pokémon, any damage done to your Pokémon by an opponent's attack is reduced by 10 (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

Granbull's Attacks

Crushing Blow - 30

Flip a coin. If heads, discard an Energy attached to the Defending Pokémon.

Double Lariat - 50x

Flip 2 coins. This attack does 50 damage times the number of heads.