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General informations

Set identifier 29

Uncommon Pokemon

Illustrated by Masako Yamashita

From the Neo's Neo Revelation Set

Golbat's informations

National Pokédex No 42

60 HP

Grass type Card

Stage1 Pokemon

Evolve from Zubat

Golbat's Attacks


Until the end of your next turn, if an attack damages the Defending Pokémon (after applying Weakness and Resistance), that attack does 20 more damage to the Defending Pokémon.

Poison Bite - 10

If this attack damages the Defending Pokémon, the Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned and you remove a number of damage counters from Golbat equal to half that damage (rounded up to the nearest 10). If Golbat has fewer damage counters than that, remove all of them. Either way, the Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.