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General informations

Set identifier SV094

Ultra Rare Pokemon

Illustrated by kirisAki

From the Sword & Shield's Shining Fates Set

Cinccino's informations

90 HP

Colorless type Card

Stage1 Pokemon

Evolve from Minccino

Cinccino's Ability

Make Do

Ability: You must discard a card from your hand in order to use this Ability. Once during your turn, you may draw 2 cards.

Cinccino's Attacks

Energy Assist - 40

Attach a basic Energy card from your discard pile to 1 of your Benched Pokémon.

Other Informations

Its body secretes oil that this Pokémon spreads over its nest as a coating to protect it from dust. Cinccino won't tolerate even a speck of the stuff.